Porkpieska.com | The Spirit of Ska | News http://www.porkpieska.com en Pork Pie Die News von Pork Pie Sun, 18 Nov 2018 09:28:39 +0100 Napoleon Solo - new iconic album OPEN CHANNEL D With great pleasure we present here the new album of the exceptional Danish band NAPOLEON SOLO - a small eternity since their last album SHOT !, which already appeared on PORK PIE in 1989.The smart-styled Nutty Boys from Denmark with their unique mix of British 2Tone ska, Jamaican ska, R & B and a considerable amount of sixites-influenced soulsound as fresh as never before. Check it out - the CD and LP (with free download code) are available here at the shop <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/Kb0YzGiftwI?controls=0" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 7745 SKA IM TRANSIT - the german ska bible MAKE YOUR ORDER HERE ! The first and so far only book about the development of the Ska in Germany East and West before and after the change - reported by musicians and makers, who played a decisive role in shaping our scene. Brimmed with interviews, portraits, anecdotes and lots of photos and illustrations from long forgotten believed archives. Interviews with: Amedeo/Bluekilla Baumi/The Frits Bosso/El Bosso & die Ping Pongs Franze/Tornados,FF-Dabei-Booking Gerald Machner/ No Sports JoeScholes/TheBraces Karsten Riedel/Alpha Boy School Kay/Yellow Cap, Mighty Sounds Festival Leander/Messer Banzani Marco/Michele Baresi Marcus/Blechreiz Meyer/Mothers Pride Richie a.k.a. Dr. Ring Ding Rogue/ Skatoon Syndikat Stanley Head/Johnny Belinda Thomas Hellmich/Yellow Umbrella Thomas Scholz/The Busters Waki/Yebo Mad Wolley/Skaos Wowo a.k.a. Benson Mam/TheButlers Emma Steel/Skintonic, Oi!Reka, Skin Up Jörg Folta /Veranstalter This is Ska etc. Klisch/Veranstalter Potsdam Ska Festival Matzge/Pork Pie Mirko/Edition No Name Merchandising,Skin Up Mutti/ Muttis Booking Ossi/GroverRecords/Moskito Promotion http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 7669 THIS IS SKA - official festival anthem for This Is Ska Rosslau 2018 ! PLEASE ORDER HERE ! THIS IS SKA is the name of the official festival anthem of the 22nd edition of the same titled and world famous ska festival 2018, which takes place every year at the picturesque Wasserburg in Dessau / Rosslau. JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION have blossomed the year before with their debut album NO BAM BAM from an insider tip to the "next big thing" in terms of kick ass urban ska and dirty reggae. The single also appears as a Special Edition 7 "with a sensual jewel in Judge Dread style called OI OI OI on the B-side. #s3gt_translate_tooltip_mini { display: none !important; } http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 7665 This Is Ska Rosslau 2018 Das THIS IS SKA wird dieses Jahr wieder ein Traum ! Hier das Line-Up: http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 7667 Yellow Cap -new single TOO FUCKED TO GO Just in time for their 20th anniversary, Yellow Cap will bring to their fans a fulminant anniversary album. The fact that you do not have to be mature or reasonable at the age of 20 is proved by this first single released upfront the forthcoming album release. A small pub - jam-packed, the music too loud and no one thinks or would be able to go home. You're just TOO FUCKED TO GO. The song is avialable for download or streaming at the online platform of you preference. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/s-mdrf3t9lE" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 7660 Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation - NO BAM BAM at THIS IS SKA 2017 Nobody would buy a pig in a poke! But now you can check out yourself, how cool the album sounds. give it a listen at Spotify and then go and grag your linited vinyl edition of the album. One of the highlights at this years official THIS IS SKA festival stand. http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 7086 Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation The debut album NO BAM BAM recorded by that great ska band, featuring CHRISSY REGGAE - a brilliant singer and gifted boss sound organ player, JOHNNY SKA - the one-man singer, songwriter, guitarist and mechanic drum player and ROLO TENG - a bass player with that deep bassy reggae sound, comes along with a unique mix of SKA, DIRTY REGGAE, ROCKSTEADY and PUNK & ROLL at it's best. The music sounds warm and powerful, untamed with rough edges, amazing vocal arrangements, strong lyrics, all embedded in the sublime mix of VICTOR RICE that moves your mind and your feet. Buy NO BAM BAM now! Check out the title song NO BAM BAM: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/spK2Zw8NLWY?ecver=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 6954 This is Ska Festival 22.-24. Juni 2017 Obsolete to say much about it: The most beutiful, coolest, hottest, tastiest, longest and vastest ska festival in the world. Tippi-Top, Tippi-Top, Tippi-Top! #rosslauska17 http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 6952 Dr. Ring Ding - Once A Year LP + Bonus single Here comes the ultimate XMAS present: Brand new ans strictly LIMITED EDTION LP of the album ONCE A YEAR coming up with a 7"-bonus single incl. a german version of the "Christmas Song", free download code and e music sheet for keyboards and lyrics to sing along. Buy now here at the PORK PIE SHOP http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 6567 Yellow Umbrella on tour with Hooligans Of Love COOL! Finally Yellow Umbrella come up with a brand new studio album :-) This one is the ultimate master piece so far ! Available at the SHOP SAVE THE DATE ! Watch out for the record release tour, where the band peresents their new album 10.11.2016 Rostock, Zwischenbau 11.11.2016 Schwerin, Angler II 12.11.2016 Hamburg, Monkeys Music Club 13.11.2016 Krefeld, Kulturrampe 15.11.2016 Dresden, Alter Schlachthof 16.11.2016 Prag (CZ), Klub Buben 17.11.2016 Berlin, Tommy Haus 18.11.2016 Leipzig, Werk 2 19.11.2016 Magdeburg, Moritzhof http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 6500 THE FRITS live with MADNESS 3rd and 4th october! MADNESS, WE CALL IT MADNESS ! THE FRITS spielen den Support-Slot den beiden MADNESS-Shows im Oktober. Wir platzen vor Stolz und freuen uns wie Bolle :-) Dem nicht genug: die Posaune knutscht kein Geringerer, als unser guter Dr. Ring Ding. Also wer sich das entgehen läßt, ist wirklich mad in der Birne. Hier die Termine: 3. Oktober 2016 Berlin / Tempodrom 4. Oktober 2016 Bochum / RuhrCongress und am 29. Oktober 2016 beim kultigen Monkeys Club Ska Festival in Hamburg. Und die aktuelle CD THE GREATEST FRITS gibt' zum Sonderpreis im Pork Pie Shop. http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 6432 Twenty years anniversary of theTHIS IS SKA festival ! Twenty years anniversary of theTHIS IS SKA - this has to be celebrated! Since the start in 1997 it became a gigantic open air party. With the lot of 22 tracks we have packed that Ska-"Madness" on a superb jubilee compilation. Well-known hits of DERRICK MORGAN, DOREEN SHAFFER, SKAOS and TOASTERS etc. match with contemporary songs of Dr. RING DING, THE HOTKNIVES, BUSTER SHUFFLE, EL BOSSO & DIE PING PONGS, BUSTERS or MR. REVIEW and many others. A younger generation of bands like TALKS, DALLAX, UPSESSIONS, LEO & THE LINEUP or the SOUL RADICS make this festival remain exciting and diverse. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/WgeyKlR66aU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 5959 THE FRITS - new album THE GREATEST FRITS release 22nd january 2016 THE FRITS belong to the most outstanding ska bands from Germany. Due to their affinity to their idols from Coventry, they are to date often called the "german SPECIALS". In 1993 the band had the fortune to record their "master piece" and last studio album NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU! in the 2Tone-Mekka Coventry by legendary ska producer ROGER LOMAS. On THE GREATEST FRITS we have assembled a hand picked selection of songs from all of their long time "out of stock" albums. With this collection you can delightfully pass in review the band history of this great ska band. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Q-CVfmz8LmA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://www.porkpieska.com Pork Pie, info@porkpieska.com 5571