Pork Pie BLECHREIZ - Flight Of the Bumble Bee CD

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BLECHREIZ - Flight Of the Bumble Bee


The new album FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE summarizes the work of the band strikingly. Much revolves around their most famous song BUMBLE BEE, of which four different versions can be heard.  For a total of 3 titles, the brass section of Blechreiz with trumpet, saxophones and trombone was supported by the friend and Colombia's best-known ska formation MEMORIA INSUFICIENTE SKA from Bogotá / Colombia.
The first 7 tracks are like a furious sprint. In addition to newly recorded smash hits like BUMBLE BEE or the legendary workers' anthem WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?, many distinctive Blechreiz songs from the band's history as well as a remix are also gathered on the new album. Immediately after first listening to the sound carrier it becomes clear, here is a continuous fire steam hammer, with which one runs the risk of dancing through the DocMartens soles.