SKAOS -CATCHTHISBEAT album back again !

SKAOS -CATCHTHISBEAT album back again !

CATCHTHISBEAT is the name of the second album by SKAOS, founded in 1982, one of the first and still most important ska bands from Germany.

The seven-member band was first featured with two songs on the legendary SKA.... SKA.. SKANDAL compilations and for their outstanding gig at the first Berlin Ska Festival in 1989, were responsible, amongst other things,  for the founding of PORK PIE, the first pure SKA label in Germany. CATCHTHISBEAT was therefore the first so-called "one artist album" on PORK PIE, which still has cult status today and contains some of the most important SKAOS songs, such as OH SALLY or BETTER BEWARE, which can still be found in the setlists of their brilliant live concerts.

After more than 30 years, CATCHTHISBEAT is now released afain- in a strictly limited vinyl edition as a PORK PIE licensed edition on the Black Butcher Classics label and for this occasion also for the first time in its entirety on all download and streaming portals.

YELLOW CAP - new Single SHUT UP!

YELLOW CAP - new Single SHUT UP!

With SHUT UP, YELLOW CAP have made a new single with which they shout out their anger about the ignorance of politicians and populists in this country with a clear and unmistakable statement. With musically well-made uptempo ska, they demand a political rethink and solidarity with those who stand up against the powerful of an outdated system.

Dr Ring Ding THE REMEDY new album from 21st august 2020

Dr Ring Ding THE REMEDY new album from 21st august 2020

THE REMEDY is the name of the brand new and seventeenth (!) studio album by the German ska and reggae virtuoso Dr. RING DING with 17 wonderful songs between 2-tone and traditional ska, (boss) reggae supplemented by equally skilled old school dancehall, cumbia and dub tracks.

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FRIENDS OF PORK PIE  on a regular basis invites ska bands and ska DJs from all over the world to put their current favourite songs on that "digital Spotify turntable" to celebrate a great ska party with you. Our dear friend Mutti - ska and punk booker from the very beginning a.k.a. DJ The Mighty Buzz delights us with his pre-Christmas soul food treasures.

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JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION - neues Album TROUBLE kommt am 14. Februar 2020

JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION - neues Album TROUBLE kommt am 14. Februar 2020

TROUBLE is the mind blowing and highly anticipated second album by JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION to the amazing global ska community. It features Dirty Reggae scorchers as well as danceable Ska tunes but even serves up some musical surprise.
It contains twelve hard-grooving well-produced songs that deal with energy, anger, mindset, power, good and bad forces and the overall question how we deal with the current changes in our everyday life.

Here comes the first video clip of the song SHUT UP !



At the great SO36 in Berlin with:

+ Opening Act, more surprise guests and DJs

To mark the 30th anniversary of PORK PIE, illustrious guests gather for a birthday serenade for the first German Ska label. With bands of the first hour and longtime PORK PIE companions there will be a unique party in an unprecedented compilation. The legendary SKAOS - Pork Pie Band of the first hour, our beloved friend DR. RING DING comes with his band, where you will also meet special guests. THE FRITS have teamed up again to attend our party. Finally, you can look forward to a concert by BLECHREIZ, which has already contributed to the cult of the SKA .. SKA .. SKANDAL sampler series. This will be the ultimate Ska-Party 2019 with more surprise bands, Pork Pie friends and companions, followed by Ska-Allnighter with top-class Ska DJs.

- 50 years ofSpirit Of 69 - 40 years of 2Tone - 30 years of Pork Pie -

Watch Out!

The Spirit Of Ska- 30 Years Pearl Jubilee Edition

The Spirit Of Ska- 30 Years Pearl Jubilee Edition

50 years of SPIRIT OF 69 - 40 years of 2TONE - 30 years of PORK PIE !

The year 2019 seems to be a special milestone in the matter of ska. At the occasion of the 30 YEARS PEARL JUBILEE, we're not talking about just a  "best of the last 5 years-" compilation, but also come up with five brand new songs that have not yet found an ear.  We at  PORK PIE feel very happy about the honor of these exclusive birthday greetings.

BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS have set the right motto for this compilation with their song "No Nostalgia" - we do not want to revel in old times, but show what's currently going on in ska and where it could go. JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION allow a promising look into the songbox of their upcoming album "Trouble" with their cheeky song "Shut Up!"

THE FRITS have teamed up just to record a brilliant cover of THE OUTSIDERS hit "Time Won't Let Me". DISTEMPER come up with their song "Categorty B"  and SKAOS send their congrats  by "Rasta Girl"

In addition to the beloved earwigs of EL BOSSO &THE PING PONGS , THE VALKYRIANS, DR. RING DING, YELLOW UMBRELLA and LEO& THE LINEUP  the recently released albums of the Danish 90s legend NAPOLEON SOLO, YELLOW CAP and MASONS ARMS deserve a lot of respect from the ska community.

How great young bands can deal with our genre and where the music journey is heading, listen to our new discovery, the charismatic SMILEY & THE UNDERCLASS and their song "It's All England" (with a feature by trombone legend Vin Gordon).

And last but not least: The BLUEKILLA party song says cheers quite rustic and in bavarian patois: "I Hob An Durscht!"  Let's raise a toast on the next decades of ska!
These true pearls of ska music you can ORDER HERE at an unbeatable price!



Also at the 2019 edition of the great THIS IS SKA Festival, you will be able to enjoy around 30 top-class acts, which will grant the pure ska pleasure for three days.And that's not all: on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the PORK PIE, we are also celebrating a record release party of our "30 YEARS PEARL JUBILEE" compilation at TIS this year.
Six PORK PIE bands will also perform this year in Rosslau and the likes of BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS and JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION will also perform their brand new recorded songs. We are looking forward to see you again this year and to celebrate our big birthday together with you :-)
oundation - neues Video OI OI OI from Cult-Single This Is Ska

oundation - neues Video OI OI OI from Cult-Single This Is Ska

Sublime video clip to the song Oi Oi Oi from the cult single This Is Ska. That's a MUST SEE !

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Masons Arms - Von Vorn Record Release

Masons Arms - Von Vorn Record Release

FROM VORN is the name of the new album by MASONS ARMS from Cologne - apparently the Rhine metropolis is increasingly developing into a hotspot of imaginatively interpreted traditional ska and early reggae. MASONS ARMS break with their so-called "Punky Boss Reggae" courageously traditional rules by combining their authentic Hammond organ boss sound with German lyrics. And that works really excellent. Musically, they are influenced by their heros Jackie Mittoo, The Upsetters and of course The Aggrolites.
The result is the lot 12 songs full of energy and energy just waiting to be unleashed - Boss reggae with a fair amount of rage in their guts.

The new album VON VORN now consequently goes the way in the direction of reggae. VON VORN is available as CD and for connoisseurs also on vinyl with one beautifully designed text sheet and Free Download Code. Buy now right here at the SHOP

Record Release Parties:
11th january 2019 Cologne/Sonic Ballroom
12th january 20199 Dortmund/ Ruhrpott Ska Explosion Festival
Yellow Cap -new album TOO FUCKED TO GO

Yellow Cap -new album TOO FUCKED TO GO

Just in time for their 20th anniversary YELLOW CAP give their fans a fulminant jubilee album: TOO FUCKED TO GO. The title track of the album, which has already been released as a single in April, proves that even at the age of 20 you do not have to be mature or reasonable. A small pub packed with people in high spirits, the music way too loud and nobody is thinking about - or even capable of - going home: you're just too fucked to go!
Founded back in 1998, the band not only pioneered ska in their hometown of Görlitz / Germany, but also spread their specific sound, which primarily ranges from British and 3rd wave ska to Jamaican influences, so far on five albums, various singles and countless gigs far beyond their home country and even to regular tours in Brazil.
The new album comes with 14 songs, recorded in the band's own LBUM Studio and in Berlin's Tonbrauerei. It presents a return to the origins of European ska in England, without missing the playfulness and openness also inherent in other styles of music. The sound has become rougher, more genuine - you can tell that many of the instruments were recorded live and together.
In terms of the lyrics the band makes a clear statement on cosmopolitanism in their refugee hymn "Safe & Sound", but also sing about love, boxing matches and, of course, parties. Already in the very first song "Better Man" hell is let loose and it makes you want to hear more. You'll find catchy tunes like "Too Fucked To Go" and "Rain Is Falling" next to other powerful uptempo tracks, some poppy or tradska-like songs or the wonderful reggae instrumental of the famous crime comedy "Thème de Fantomas" - even the excited Louis de Funes would chill out on this one.
The record cover was designed by the extraordinary Brazilian artist "Shiron the Iron", a friend of the band's, who also contrived the last single cover and spent time with the band during the 2018 tour of Brazil.
All in all, an outstanding and versatile anniversary album, available on CD and also in a strictly limited LP edition in a luxury foldable sleeve including a free mp3 download code. Buy here in our SHOP

Napoleon Solo - new iconic album OPEN CHANNEL D

Napoleon Solo - new iconic album OPEN CHANNEL D

With great pleasure we present here the new album of the exceptional Danish band NAPOLEON SOLO - a small eternity since their last album SHOT !, which already appeared on PORK PIE in 1989.The smart-styled Nutty Boys from Denmark with their unique mix of British 2Tone ska, Jamaican ska, R & B and a considerable amount of sixites-influenced soulsound as fresh as never before. Check it out - the CD and LP (with free download code) are available here at the shop

SKA IM TRANSIT - the german ska bible

SKA IM TRANSIT - the german ska bible


The first and so far only book about the development of the Ska in Germany East and West before and after the change - reported by musicians and makers, who played a decisive role in shaping our scene.
Brimmed with interviews, portraits, anecdotes and lots of photos and illustrations from long forgotten
believed archives.

Interviews with:
Baumi/The Frits
Bosso/El Bosso & die Ping Pongs
Gerald Machner/ No Sports
Karsten Riedel/Alpha Boy School
Kay/Yellow Cap, Mighty Sounds Festival
Leander/Messer Banzani
Marco/Michele Baresi
Meyer/Mothers Pride
Richie a.k.a. Dr. Ring Ding
Rogue/ Skatoon Syndikat Stanley Head/Johnny Belinda
Thomas Hellmich/Yellow Umbrella
Thomas Scholz/The Busters
Mad Wolley/Skaos
Wowo a.k.a. Benson Mam/TheButlers

Emma Steel/Skintonic, Oi!Reka, Skin Up
Jörg Folta /Veranstalter This is Ska etc.
Klisch/Veranstalter Potsdam Ska Festival
Matzge/Pork Pie
Mirko/Edition No Name Merchandising,Skin Up
Mutti/ Muttis Booking
Ossi/GroverRecords/Moskito Promotion
THIS IS SKA - official festival anthem for This Is Ska Rosslau 2018 !

THIS IS SKA - official festival anthem for This Is Ska Rosslau 2018 !


THIS IS SKA is the name of the official festival anthem of the 22nd edition of the same titled and world famous ska festival 2018, which takes place every year at the picturesque Wasserburg in Dessau / Rosslau. JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION have blossomed the year before with their debut album NO BAM BAM from an  insider tip to the "next big thing" in terms of kick ass urban ska and dirty reggae. The single also appears as a Special Edition 7 "with a sensual jewel in Judge Dread style called OI OI OI on the B-side.
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This Is Ska Rosslau 2018

This Is Ska Rosslau 2018

Das THIS IS SKA wird dieses Jahr wieder ein Traum ! Hier das Line-Up:

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation - NO BAM BAM at THIS IS SKA 2017

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation - NO BAM BAM at THIS IS SKA 2017

Nobody would buy a pig in a poke! But now you can check out yourself, how cool the album sounds. give it a listen at Spotify and then go and grag your linited vinyl edition of the album. One of the highlights at this years official THIS IS SKA festival stand.

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation

Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation

The debut album NO BAM BAM recorded by that great ska band, featuring CHRISSY REGGAE - a brilliant singer and gifted boss sound organ player, JOHNNY SKA  - the one-man singer, songwriter, guitarist and mechanic drum player and ROLO TENG - a bass player with that deep bassy reggae sound, comes along with a unique mix of SKA, DIRTY REGGAE, ROCKSTEADY and PUNK & ROLL  at it's best. The music sounds warm and powerful, untamed with rough edges, amazing vocal arrangements, strong lyrics, all embedded in the sublime mix of VICTOR RICE that moves your mind and your feet.

Buy NO BAM BAM now!

Check out the title song NO BAM BAM:

This is Ska Festival 22.-24. Juni 2017

This is Ska Festival 22.-24. Juni 2017

Obsolete to say much about it: The most beutiful, coolest, hottest, tastiest, longest and vastest ska festival in the world.
Tippi-Top, Tippi-Top, Tippi-Top!

Dr. Ring Ding - Once A Year LP + Bonus 7"

Dr. Ring Ding - Once A Year LP + Bonus single

Here comes the ultimate XMAS present:

Brand new ans strictly LIMITED EDTION LP of the album ONCE A YEAR coming up with a 7"-bonus single incl. a german version of the "Christmas Song", free download code and e music sheet for keyboards and lyrics to sing along. Buy now here at the PORK PIE SHOP

Yellow Umbrella on tour with Hooligans Of Love

Yellow Umbrella on tour with Hooligans Of Love

COOL! Finally Yellow Umbrella come up with a brand new studio album :-)
This one is the ultimate master piece so far ! Available at the SHOP

SAVE THE DATE ! Watch out for the record release tour, where the band peresents their new album

10.11.2016 Rostock, Zwischenbau
11.11.2016 Schwerin, Angler II
12.11.2016 Hamburg, Monkeys Music Club
13.11.2016 Krefeld, Kulturrampe
15.11.2016 Dresden, Alter Schlachthof
16.11.2016 Prag (CZ), Klub Buben
17.11.2016 Berlin, Tommy Haus
18.11.2016 Leipzig, Werk 2
19.11.2016 Magdeburg, Moritzhof

THE FRITS live with MADNESS 3rd and 4th october!

THE FRITS live with MADNESS 3rd and 4th october!

MADNESS, WE CALL IT MADNESS ! THE FRITS spielen den Support-Slot den beiden MADNESS-Shows im Oktober. Wir platzen vor Stolz und freuen uns wie Bolle :-)
Dem nicht genug: die Posaune knutscht kein Geringerer, als unser guter Dr. Ring Ding. Also wer sich das entgehen läßt, ist wirklich mad in der Birne. Hier die Termine: 3. Oktober 2016 Berlin / Tempodrom
4. Oktober 2016 Bochum / RuhrCongress und am 29. Oktober 2016 beim kultigen Monkeys Club Ska Festival in Hamburg. Und die aktuelle CD THE GREATEST FRITS gibt' zum Sonderpreis im Pork Pie Shop.
Twenty years anniversary of theTHIS IS SKA festival !

Twenty years anniversary of theTHIS IS SKA festival !

Twenty years anniversary of theTHIS IS SKA - this has to be celebrated! Since the start in 1997 it became a gigantic open air party. With the lot of 22 tracks we have packed that Ska-"Madness" on a superb jubilee compilation. Well-known hits of DERRICK MORGAN, DOREEN SHAFFER, SKAOS and TOASTERS etc. match with contemporary  songs of Dr. RING DING, THE HOTKNIVES, BUSTER SHUFFLE, EL BOSSO & DIE PING PONGS, BUSTERS or MR. REVIEW and many others. A younger generation of bands like TALKS, DALLAX, UPSESSIONS, LEO & THE LINEUP or the SOUL RADICS make this festival remain exciting and diverse.

THE FRITS - new album THE GREATEST FRITS Release am 22. Januar 2016THE FRITS - neues Album THE GREATEST FRITS release THE FRITS - neues Album THE GREA

THE FRITS - new album THE GREATEST FRITS release 22nd january 2016

THE FRITS belong to the most outstanding ska bands from Germany. Due to their affinity to their idols from Coventry, they are  to date often called the "german SPECIALS". In 1993 the band had the fortune to record their "master piece" and last studio album NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU! in the 2Tone-Mekka Coventry by legendary ska producer ROGER LOMAS. On THE GREATEST FRITS we have assembled a hand picked selection of  songs from all of  their long time "out of stock" albums. With this collection you can delightfully pass in review the band history of this great ska band.