Pork Pie Bluekilla - Back to Skatalonia CD

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Bluekilla - Back to Skatalonia


Bang with a Bang! Back To Skatalonia! The rudeboys from munich reveal that theyre back with probably their best album ever. The well proven and party-suitable bluekilla-style ska-tunes are ace. At the latest Dr. Dreadlocks dancehall crasher Der Beste blows it all away. Bluekillas 2-tone sound rife with horns and guitars turns you on like bluebeat and tequila. The lid that fits the bubbling carribeans feast is singer and entertainer Dr. Dreadlock and the public reciprocates with having fun, just for the fun of it. With more than 300 gigs, amongst other things a tour in Yugoslavia in between the wars, the band toured straight into the hearts of the ska-fans. After three longplayers and innumerable contributions to ska-compilations bluekilla belongs to the crème de la crème of the international ska-scene. TRACKLISTING1.It´s Grouse (Intro) 0:232.Skatalonia 3:253.Aussie Talk 3:054.The Beat Generation 2:465.De Black Petty Booshwah 2:286.Don´t Stop 3:247.Misirlou 2:248.Top City Man 3:439.Der Beste 4:1710.Skanimali 4:1011.Don´t Copy My Music 3:4412.The Guguletu Seven 3:3413.Madness 2:3414.Do the Skabo! 3:10Finetunes