Pork Pie Dallax - Big Proud CD

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Dallax - Big Proud


BIGPROUD is the title of the new allbum produced by the six maniacs from Tokyo. And they definately can be proud of that one, as their wasabi - mixed from hardcore, ska and punk - is devilled hot. Great arrangements and catchy chorusses have been composed to some extend of perfection we can't expect from anybody but japanese musicians. In fact there's only few songs, where you can relax. The "rude boy machine gun" sound is nothing for the fainthearted amongst you. On their numerous european tours you could easily check out, that DALLAX belong to these very few bands around, who are able to even beat their studio perfection on their live shows. Conclusion: buy the album and don't miss their shows !


01. 1 or 6 3:18
02. Six Rudeboy Machinegun 3:49
03. Fat Ugly Girl 2:24
04. Dream 3:18
05. Holyholic 4:09
06. Mr. Abandon 3:45
07. Respect To Gangsters 2:47
08. Dance In The Moonlight 3:13
09. Rock Is Dead 3:37
10. T.B ~ Northern Hero~ 2:53
11. My Me 3:14