Pork Pie Distemper - Pride Belief Love CD

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Distemper - Pride Belief Love


Alongside bands like LENINGRAD or SPITFIRE - DISTEMPER from Moscow have established since a long time as THE primary russian ska punk band also in this country in the matter of ska, punk etc. and are also called with pleasure the ' Russian Bosstones'. Since their foundation in 1989, the band has  released the ' cinch'  of literally 15 long play albums, furthermore  on the famous ' Russendisko ' compilation  of film maker Vladimir Kaminer and since quite a few years licence releases on the cult label ANR records in Berlin.

The new album with the title PRIDE BELIEF LOVE now comes with 14 new Distemper hymns which are sung by singer Dacent with his distinctive rough voice, like always performed in russian language, which you still won't get out of your head.
Although DISTEMPER got into real trouble several times because of their clear statements against the Nazis in Russia and also have lost  many earlier (putative) fans, the lyrics are by no means.political in a ostensible way.  Of course, the songs also formulate criticism and deal in a certain way with the social reality in Russia, however give you rather the feeling of an optimistic and positive attitude towards life.

01. Pride
02. Who Are You
03. For Positive Worldview
04. We Do Not Carry The Knives
05. To Get An Answer
06. Otherwordly
07. No One Is Illegal
08. I Am Dying For You
09. Brutal Positive
10. Not Like In Fairytales
11. Spies (Part Two)
12. I Will Make You Wonder
13. Moscow-Berlin
14. I Believe