Pork Pie Dr. Ring Ding - The Remedy CD

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Dr. Ring Ding - The Remedy


THE REMEDY is the name of the brand new and seventeenth (!) studio album by the German ska and reggae virtuoso Dr. RING DING with 17 wonderful songs between 2-tone and traditional ska, (boss) reggae supplemented by equally skilled old school dancehall, cumbia and dub tracks.With his great, newly formed band and prominent guests, our offbeat medicus is back with fresh vigor to finally live out the full range of styles of his ingenious songwriting.DR.RING DING is definitely the greatest universalist of Jamaican music in Germany and embraces with a big heart the many varieties of offbeat music that he has been celebrating since 1987 with bands such as EL BOSSO & DIE PING PONGS, SENIOR ALLSTARS, THE BUSTERS and H-BLOCKX . Most recently with the band SKA-VAGANZA brilliantly in the field of the traditional 60s of the Caribbean, the songs of his THE REMEDY album stand for the great variety and the amazing talent of the singer, entertainer and trombonist.You can hear his warm voluminous vocals framed with perfect Jamaican patois, the melodically and rhythmically orchestrated songs - there is ska, early reggae, classic 70s reggae, Rub-A-Dub and even a new version of his dancehall cracker "Polska Wódka".The ska fan is spoiled here with typical Dr.Ring Ding tracks à la Boss Reggae Party or the BUSTERS-like 2-tone catchy FUN. But if you are a little more open minded, you can safely indulge yourself in his masterfully performed classic 70s reggae songs, rub-a-dub and also a long overdue party-ready version of his actual dancehall hit "Polska Wódka". Also sensational is a really outstanding reggae cover of the radiohead hit CREEP.The prominent guests this time are the Jamaican dancehall queen SISTA GRACY, the grammy-nominated TIPPA IRIE, the American jazz singer STEPHANIE K. (who was already heard on his ONCE A YEAR album) and the Swiss singer and Eurovision 2010 participants To hear MICHAEL VON DER HEIDE.The 14 album songs are joined as bonus tracks by the Spanish version of "Maria Angelina", the German-language "Zwei Seiten" and the French version "Je N'ai Rien Appris", both versions of the Joni Mitchell classic "Both sides Now". An absolutely successful and well-rounded album!The remedy works - just call the Doctor!The album will also be available from november as a strictly limited vinyl edition in cooperation with the US label JUMP UP.Track Listing:1. More Reggae 3:332. The Remedy 4:20 (feat. Sista Gracy)3. Fun 3:384. Boss Reggae Party 3:485. Unity (feat. Tippa Irie) 4:206. Both Sides Now 3:587. Maria Angelina 5:098. Shaving Cream 4:089. Toochie 3:3810. Oldschool Rock 5:1111. Creep 4:2012. Copper and Zinc 3:4513. Polska Wódka 3:2814. Dancing In The Rain 3:46 (feat. Stephanie K.)Bonus Tracks:15. Beide Seiten 3:58 (feat. Michael. v. d. Heide)16. Maria Angélina 5:09 (Version en Español)17. Je n'ai rien appris 3:58