Pork Pie Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation - No Bam Bam LP

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Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation - No Bam Bam


The debut album NO BAM BAM recorded by that great ska band, featuring CHRISSY REGGAE - a brilliant singer and gifted boss sound organ player, JOHNNY SKA  - the one-man singer, songwriter, guitarist and mechanic drum player and ROLO TENG - a bass player with that deep bassy reggae sound, comes along with a unique mix of SKA, DIRTY REGGAE, ROCKSTEADY and PUNK & ROLL  at it's best. The music sounds warm and powerful, untamed with rough edges, amazing vocal arrangements, strong lyrics, all embedded in the sublime mix of VICTOR RICE that moves your mind and your feet.

Track Listing:

01.Mission Is Completed 04:25
02. No Bam Bam 03:24
03. Reggae Bitch 03:56
04. Money is the Devil 03:31
05. I can tell you 03:56
06. Org*smic 03:11
07. Baby 02:33
08. Goddam Right 04:52
09. What about me 04:18
10. Who are you 02:47
11. Soulfood 04:04   
12. Org*smic Dub 03:03