Pork Pie Liberator - Stand and Deliver CD

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Liberator - Stand and Deliver


LIBERATOR are definately Swedens most successful export item in terms of ska.

The band has been founded already in 1994 in Malmö and released several successful albums on the cult label Bunring Heart/Epitaph. Ater we haven´t heard much about the band in the past years, they surprisingly checked in last autumn with their fantastic EP "Ring the Alarm" - right at the same gate they crossed already in the past: straightforward 2 tone ska at it´s best coming up with great pop melodies, which would not be written better by bands like Madness or Hotknives. In cooperation with the finnish label BALE (Valkyrians, Blaster Master), the Pork Pie label is releasing their new album "Stand and Deliver" which ties perfectly in to the songs of the EP: great songs for sankin along in your very best party mood. Is it only pure coincidence that we see the re-union of quite a few 2tone bands or can we look forward to some veritable 2tone revival ?


01. Head Full Of Nothing 3:10
02. (Don´t Go) Pick A Fight 2:33
03. Playing The Game 2:27
04. Come Comalong 3:05
05. Stand & Deliver 3:31
06. Working Week 2:46
07. The Mess I´m In 3:52
08. Story Of You And Me 3:29
09. Cost Of Loving 3:21
10. I Got A Feeling 2:13
11. Human Robot 2:32
12. Zombies 4:44