Pork Pie Ska... Ska... Skandal No. 5 Football CD CD

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Ska... Ska... Skandal No. 5 Football CD


KICK OFF! Exactly ten years after the release of the last edition of a SKANDAL compilation, there are some good reasons to continue that CULT series.Germany invites the world for the football world cup and there´s no single ska record about the subject football around! IMPOSSIBLE! - the FIFA are cashing in their bad taste by their choice of cheap and wishywashy Love Generation songs, PORK PIE invites ska bands from the whole world to party.A total of 18 bands from Argentina to Japan are presenting their football tunes, starting from stadium classics like Liquidator or You´ll Never Walk Alone to the point of their own new songs, which should be taken serious more or less, the range covering styles from traditional rocksteady over classic 2Tone style up to straight forward ska-punk. Besides the big names like Bad Manners, Laurel Aitken or The Busters there´s a lot of good stuff to be explored: Amphetameanies about Maradona´s legendary Hand Of God goal against England, the swinging ska-jazz outfit Ska-J from Venice, Dr. Ring-Ding with Lionsclub, the hard drinking japanese Doberman (Kanpai!) or the swiss Scatterbrains claiming that football is "the greatest after sex" ( shouldn´t that be the other way round?) In fact, the SKANDAL No. 5 is an album rather than a compilation with predominantly new or rare tracks and sticks out pretty much of the flood of poor designed "track recycling" compilations.The first release comes up as a limited edition with cool digipak and an elaborate booklet. TRACKLISTING01. Los Calzones: Mala Vida 3:1802. The Busters: Nobody Like You 3:3403. Mark Foggo: Let´s Talk Tactics 3:0804. Lionsclub: Tribute To Da Aktuelle Sportstudio 3:2605. Laurel Aitken: The Zigger Zagger Song 4:4306. Shots In The Dark: Hooligan Ska 2:5907. Bluekilla: Football ( It´s Here To Stay) 2:3308. Scatterbrains: Football 2:3509. Ska-J: Te Gusta El Futbol 3:4510. Amphetameanies: Hand Of God 2:2411. Dr. Ring-Ding: You´ll Never Walk Alone 4:1212. The Chancers: Football Paradise 3:2813. Spitfire: Fuzzball Junkie 3:1314. Two Tone Club: Kick Dem Out! 4:4915. The Cabrians: Terrace Warfare 4:0516. Doberman: Go Fro The Skadium 4:0017. Blascore: Der Fussball Ist Rund Wie Die Welt 3:2718. Bad Manners: Home Of Football (Liquidator) 3:17Finetunes