Pork Pie Ska, Ska, Skandal Nr. 1 2 CD

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Ska, Ska, Skandal Nr. 1 2


SKA.. SKA.. SKANDAL has written history in terms of ska music from Germany. Meanwhile, this compilation series have enabled several generations of ska fans throughout the world to experience the best and most interesting ska bands from Germany. Bands like The Busters, Skaos, No Sports, Dr.Ring-Ding, The Butlers, Blechreiz or Bluekilla are responsable for the fact, that ska Made in Germany is now worldwide as popular as a Pork Pie hat . The SKANDAL series have been the successful debut for many well known bands and should definitely be part of every serious ska record collection.TRACKLISTING01. Skaos - Cool as Ice02. The Braces - Too true to be good03. The Frits - Work04. The Butlers - On the Rocks05. Skapelle - Are you ready...06. El Bosso & die Ping Pongs - Shame & Scandal07. Messer Banzani - Suicide08. No Sports - Harry Hands09. Blechreiz - Bumble Bee10. Blue Chateau - I dont care11. Spy club - Intro12. No Sports - Stranger to London13. Skaos - Oh, Sally14. No Sports - King Kong15. The Braces - Playing Darts16. Blechreiz - News from U.K.17. El Bosso & die Ping Pongs - Immer nur Ska!18. Skaos - Superheroe19. Blechreiz - Out tonight ?20. The Butlers - Paranoia21. Spy Club - ToreroFinetunes