Pork Pie Spitfire - Thrills & Kills CD

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Spitfire - Thrills & Kills


Four haunting long years the Spitfire fans had to wait for the third longplayer of the Russia band, but the listener will be very fast compensated for this since the band has not been lazy in the meantime.THRILLS AND KILLS surprises positively and makes the long waiting worthwhile. While listening to the songs it becomes immediately obvious that the musically spectrum expanded enormously and consequently the familiar mixture of ska and punk does not play the leading role anymore. Now you can also listen to groovy reggae-tunes, pop-anthems played with the well-known dynamic punk-attitude and the band also copes with jazz-songs. With this longplayer and other projects Spitfire contributed a remarkable part to the fact the music from Russia attracted more and more interest in this country. TRACKLISTING1. Freak 2:49 2. Corny Jokes 2:09 3. Tanzen 3:19 4. Struck 3:21 5. The Game 3:36 6. Sunday Afternoon 3:45 7. Obivatel 2:33 8. Vesna 2:12 9. Suffering 3:15 10. Chto Takoe? 2:49 11. Bell 3:02 12. Love for Sale 3:40 13. Break the Silence 3:55 14. I´m Alright 4:26 15. Three Chords 2:04Finetunes