Pork Pie Tag Vor Dem Abend CD

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Tag Vor Dem Abend


EL BOSSO, the leading octet of the german Ska / Reggae scene, reports back with their new album. The 14 brand new songs don`t
make an attempt to emulate the most up-tempo party hit-recipes from the past. Instead, they spread an unexpected, impressive
kaleidoscope made of Ska and Reggae-infl uenced genre crossingPop music, sexy groovy Soulpop-stompers, modern Reggae
ingredients from the Roots - Dub and Dancehall Department and indiesque offbeat dance fl oor smashers. "Tag Vor Dem Abend"
is full of variations and the big highlight in 2012 in this scene. EL BOSSE & THE PING PONGS prove once more their legendary
status in the scene and the (since 1985) active band maybe releases their so far best album now.

Track Listing:

01 Nicht das letzte Mal 03:16
02 Prinzessin 03:44
03 Mädchenmusik 03:17
04 Tag vor dem Abend 03:48
05 Mein Freund der Psychopath 03:36
06 Schön 03:32
07 Mann von Nebenan 04:25
08 Metallica 04:00
09 Was passiert mit mir 04:15
10 Wo die Mitte liegt 03:57
11 Wunschkonzert 03:31
12 Verlieb Dich 04:30
13 Das braucht doch Keiner 04:13
14 Ein Korn, ein Whiskey, ein Bier 02:30