Pork Pie Tommy Tornado - Cool Down CD

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Tommy Tornado - Cool Down


Tommy Tornado, the highly talented saxophonist well known from Rude Ric
& The High Notes, is about to release his second album entitled
"Cool Down" on the 17th of February. Succeeding his debut "Sunrise"
(2009), his new record once again features quite a rootsy approach to
jamaican music. Tommy Tornado claims that he has blown more air through
his mouthpiece than he has exhaled normally and "Cool Down" audibly
captures that kind of passion. Backed by The Highnotes and supported by
diverse variety of artists, Tornado  presents ten (almost exclusively)
instrumental songs and thereby proves that he is not only a  first clas
musician but also a highly gifted songwriter. Make sure to get your
copy of that extraordinary piece of offbeat-music - a manifold potpourr
of Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady with the occasional dub-parts thrown in

01. Marcus Garvey
02. Rocky Road ( feat. Mr. T-Bone)
03. Weather Report
04. Nitt Nitt Moye Garabbaam (feat. Ebou Gaya Mada)
05. Desert Storm
06. The Sound (feat. Tobias Loudmouth)
07. Healing
08. Brand New (feat. Awwa)
09. Armagideon Time
10. In This Time