Pork Pie The Spirit Of Ska- 30 Years Pearl Jubilee Edition CD

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The Spirit Of Ska- 30 Years Pearl Jubilee Edition


50 years of SPIRIT OF 69 - 40 years of 2TONE - 30 years of PORK PIE !

The year 2019 seems to be a special milestone in the matter of ska. At the occasion of the 30 YEARS PEARL JUBILEE, we're not talking about just a  "best of the last 5 years-" compilation, but also come up with five brand new songs that have not yet found an ear.  We at  PORK PIE feel very happy about the honor of these exclusive birthday greetings.

BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS have set the right motto for this compilation with their song "No Nostalgia" - we do not want to revel in old times, but show what's currently going on in ska and where it could go. JOHNNY REGGAE RUB FOUNDATION allow a promising look into the songbox of their upcoming album "Trouble" with their cheeky song "Shut Up!"

THE FRITS have teamed up just to record a brilliant cover of THE OUTSIDERS hit "Time Won't Let Me". DISTEMPER come up with their song "Categorty B"  and SKAOS send their congrats  by "Rasta Girl"

In addition to the beloved earwigs of EL BOSSO &THE PING PONGS , THE VALKYRIANS, DR. RING DING, YELLOW UMBRELLA and LEO& THE LINEUP  the recently released albums of the Danish 90s legend NAPOLEON SOLO, YELLOW CAP and MASONS ARMS deserve a lot of respect from the ska community.

How great young bands can deal with our genre and where the music journey is heading, listen to our new discovery, the charismatic SMILEY & THE UNDERCLASS and their song "It's All England" (with a feature by trombone legend Vin Gordon).

And last but not least: The BLUEKILLA party song says cheers quite rustic and in bavarian patois: "I Hob An Durscht!"  Let's raise a toast on the next decades of ska!

Track Listing:
01 Babylove & The Van Dangos / No Nostalgia 03:03
02 El Bosso & die Ping Pongs / Reich Aber Glücklich 03:33
03 Yellow Cap / Too Fucked To Go 03:05
04 Dr. Ring Ding Ska Vaganza / Gimme Nuff Ska 03:40
05 Napoleon Solo / Hot As Ice 03:25
06 Skaos / Rasta Girl 04:03
07 The Frits / Time Won't Let Me 03:49
08 Yellow Umbrella / Time Will Tell 02:33
09 The Valkyrians / Reggae Allnighter 03:27
10 Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation / Shut Up 03:16
11 Dr. Ring Ding / Soundbway Dead-O 04:07
12 Distemper / Category B 02:51
13 Bluekilla / Das Bierlied: I Hob An Durscht 02:30
14 Smiley & the Underclass / It's All England (feat. Vin Gordon) 04:07
15 Masons Arms / Zeit Zu Gehen 04:03
16 Leo & The Lineup / Hit The Streets 03:39