Pork Pie Mr. Review - XXV CD

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Mr. Review - XXV


Finally, Mr. Review decided to release their marvellous jubilee-record "XXV" officially in Germany! We probably don't have to point out that  Arne Visser - guitar-player, singer and songwriter - and his band are an essential part of the worldwide elite of modern Ska music. "XXV" comes up with the distinctive sound Mr. Review once coined. Straight 2Tone Ska encounters sweeping melodies, a massive horn section and, not to forget, quite serios and sometimes even melancholic lyrics, you won't initially expect from a band, whose concerts would turn out to turn into a giant party at every single show. 

01. Lost along the way
02. Far away from here
03. Short way home
04. Where the carpark ends
05. Enjoy the circus
06. Red Rum raid
07. Don't forget it
08. Waiting for the day
09. Take him out
10. The dream
Bonus Tracks:
11. Niet naar huis (dutch version 'where the carpark ends')
12. Red rum dub (dub version 'Red Rum Raid?)