Pork Pie Napoleon Solo - Open Channel D LP

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Napoleon Solo - Open Channel D


"OPEN CHANNEL D" is the title of the brand new album from the smart-dressed Nutty Boys from Denmark called NAPOLEON SOLO!NAPOLOEN SOLO's unique blend of British 2 Tone, Jamaican ska, and rhythm & blues mixed with sixites-style soul has attracted legions of fans worldwide since their formation in 1984. In fact, as early as 1988 BUSTER BLOODVESSEL of BAD MANNERS championed the band and produced their firstmini-album "How To Steal The World" for Unicorn Records. He also presented them to UK fans on the legendary Blue Beat Explosion Tour, which featured BAD MANNERS (UK), BIM SKALA BIM (USA), and future PORK PIE acts SKAOS and THE BRACES. After that tour New Musical Express proclaimed theband as one of the top 10 ska bands in the entire world!NAPOLEON SOLO followed up on this success by releasing a new album "SHOT!" in 1989 on Intermusic Denmark and on Bloodvessel's BLUE BEAT in the UK. This just happened to be the same year PORK PIE was founded, and after a successful tour of Germany the album was also released by the pioneering ska imprint.Fast-forward to 2011, NAPOLEON SOLO reunited for the re-launch of the London International Ska Festival, and also released their tribute song "We Are Copenhagen"' for the FC København football club. That same year they shared the stage with THE SPECIALS in their hometown, a lifelong dream forthe band. In 2015 the band released a bit of holiday cheer in the form of a cover version of SLADE's "MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY", which was issued as a split 7" vinyl single in 2016 alongside fellow countrymen LEO & THE LINEUP. A year later the band's earliest studio recordings were resurrected from their cassette-only status on the limited edition vinyl collection "EARLY RECORDINGS First Demos 1984-1985" - at the same time the band announced they would release a brand new album in 2018.That wait is over - "OPEN CHANNEL D" is here! On this new 15 track album the band stays true to form, remaining loyal to their soul/ska sound including fresh new versions of demo/live classics "0059", "Nobody Told Me" , "House Conflict" and "Video Brainwash" - and right from the opener "All INeed" it's immediately clear that this long awaited new album fires on all cylinders, danceable ska and soulful reggae from the first to the last groove.
Track Listing:
01. All I Need 03:02
02. 0 0 5 9 03:35
03. Hot As Ice 03:25
04. Nobody Told Me 04:07
05. Mirror 03:05
06. House Conflict 03:05
07. What Can A Man Say? 03:05
08. Open Channel D 02:45
09. Video Brainwash 03:45
10. Watching 03:12
11. See Her 03:33
12. Satisfied 03:30
13. Amazing Mr. Marvin 04:00
14. Zombie Girl 04:23
15. Viva Copenhagen 03:50