Pork Pie United Colors Of Ska 4.0 CD

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United Colors Of Ska 4.0


The legendary Pokr Pie compilation series UNITED COLORS OF SKA goes into the fourth round.The most interesting songs of 44 bands from 36 countries have beencompiled on a double CD exclusively through reseach at Myspace Music.As diverse as the countries (Iran, Venezuela, Canada, Japan, Latvia orNew Zealand) are the musical styles:CD 1 offers a style conciously set of oldschool-orientated boss sounds compiled by DJ BossKCD 2 on the other hand represents the wide variety of modern styles.UNITED COLORS OF SKA 4.0 comes up with 24 page color booklet and two CD´s filled up to the brim with two and a half hours of music pleasure - at the price of just one single album.TRACKLISTINGdisk 1 the traditional world01. The Dualers (GB) Don´t Go 3:2702. The Slackers (USA) Lil´ Joe 31903. The Valkyrians (FIN) Cool It (Calm Down) 2:5204. One Night Band (CDN) Keep A Cool Head 3:1305. The Aggrobeats (MAL) The Aggrobeat 1:4406. The Caroloregians (B) Got To Be A Man 2:1907. Two Tone Club (F) True And Big Love 4:2308. The Pepper Pots (CAT) I´m In Love 3:1709. Contratempos (P) Panorama Incerto 4:1010. The Upsttemians (E) I Need You Baby 4:3211. The Upsessions (NL) Hold Your Whining 2:3312. Kingston Rudieska (ROK) Oscar Wilde 4:0913. Satelite Kingston (RA) Liber 4:1214. Hoodska Explosive (IL) Skin Ink 4:4815. Mr T-Bone & The Young Lions (I) Money 3:2516. The Riddimstix (A) She´s Worth It 3:5017. Proyecto Secreto (B) Rocksteady No.1 3:0518. TheCabrians (CAT) No More Politicians Alive 2:4019. The Ska Vendors (AUS) I Dont Want You To Go 2:4920. Kingston Kitchen (D/NL) Seven Days 3:1021. Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra (H) Joseph 2:5922. Carlos Dingo (E) Guererro Apacho 3:54disk 2 the new world01. The Toasters (USA) What A Gwan 3:4802. Spitfire (RUS) Kto-To Vrode Menya 3:4903. Skaos (D) How Does It Feel 2:5104. Goon (FIN) Katkera 3:3105. The Liptones (S) Rudy 3:1806. The Upgrades (IRL) Nothing 2:5607. Dallax (J) Dance In The Moonlight 3:1108. Desorden Publico (YV) Sepulturero 3:3909. Gérard Et Les Stars (F) Not So Rude 3:1810. Superhiks (MZ) Optimi-Ska 2:5311. Rascasse (D) See Me Run 3:2412. Abjeez (S/IR) Eddeaa 3:5513. Skankan (PL) C´est La Vie 3:2514. The Chancers (CZ) I Can See For Smiles 2:3615. Stan Or Itchy (CH) Russian Cow 4:2016. Sapobanjo (BR) Carro De Som 3:3517. Lost Propelleros (SRB) Vamp 2:1518. Voiceks Voiska (LV) To Nevar Darît 3:2119. The Planet Smashers Feat. Neville Staples (CDN) Explosive 2:4420. The Managers (NZ) GangSka 2:2921. The Smoking Barrels (GR) Delusions 3:3822. Babylove & The Van Dangos feat. Coolie Ranx (DK) Big Big Baboon 4:51Finetunes